Saigon Sell-a-House, USA & UK

Inspired by the legendary Saigon Noodle House from Birmingham, Alabama; Saigon Sell-a-House is a new global initiative founded in 2020, dedicated to buying & selling properties in record time to help people cope with the current global recession/depression of unprecedented proportions.

This is a family-run project founded with one goal in mind – to alleviate the stress associated with selling a property fast, all over the world – particularly in countries which would conventionally be considered as privileged parts of the world but have taken a turn for the worse – especially in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Saigon Sell-a-House buys properties across all 50 States of America, and all regions of England, Scotland and Wales in the UK – no matter the condition of the property or its problematic circumstances.

Our aim is to provide sellers with a fast, unchallenging process, getting them their money with some serious speed. Typically we pay out within 21 days of the seller accepting our offer – often considerably sooner.

What kinds of properties do we buy?

Saigon Sell-a-House buys all properties of domestic and commercial usage.

We buy houses, apartments, offices, restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, factories, warehouses – you name it, we buy it! When we say any property, we really do mean any property, no matter what its circumstance they will make a serious offer – even if your house has serious subsidence problems, infestations or legal issues. We also buy land in all shapes & sizes, from small patches to large fields, farmlands, woodlands and open spaces.

Why use us over traditional real estate agents?

Saigon Sell-a-House is different from traditional real estate agents because we guarantee you a quick cash offer on any property you wish to sell. Our speed is our main difference – we’ll most likely make you an offer within 24 hours of submitting your property for evaluation, and typically pay as soon as 7 days from when you accept our offer in writing.

Our team is very empathetic and sensitive to difficult situations, so if you need to sell fast, whether it be due to inheritance, bereavement, divorce or even threats of repossession, we can take care of the whole process for you and get it over and done with ASAP. Any fees incurred, or obstructive debts – these will all be taken care of by us, leaving you stress-free to get on with your life as soon as possible.

In you have a property for sale in the United States, get in touch with us today, or contact out partners in the United Kingdom to sell your UK property fast.